He is the father of Gogol and Sonia. He is married to Ashima. He married Ashima in an arranged marriage set up by his parents. He was in a train accident that nearly killed him in India on his way to Calcutta. He loved to read books and his favorite author was Nickolai Gogol.
“No!” his father protests. “ The pen. Gogol, take the pen” (40).


He came to Boston only because Ashoke was there. She hated the culture of the United States compared to India. She was terrified to raise a child in a country where she was related to no one. Ashima always was worried about the well-being of Gogol and Sonia. She never liked to be alone, but was eventually forced to be.

"I'm saying I don't want to raise Gogol alone in this country. It's not right" (33).


He hated going to India and missing out on things back home. He didn’t like his name and changed it to Nikhil. His parents and friends from before still called him Gogol. He was named as Gogol because of his father’s favorite author. He never liked the parties thrown by his parents. He pursued a career in architecture.

“ I hate the name Gogol, “ he says. “I’ve always hated it” (102).